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    Greek Property

    3.200.000,00 €
    Grundstücksfläche ca.:
    320.000,00 m²
    PGR0117_mvc-001f.jpg Greek Property
    • PGR0117_mvc-001f.jpg Greek Property

    Grundstück kaufen in Hermoupolis

    (PGR0117 / ID: 18925258)
    blueHOMES AG
    Ganghoferstr. 86c
    80337 München
    3.200.000,00 €
    zzgl. 3,57% für den Käufer (inkl. ges. MWST)
    Grundstücksfläche ca.
    320.000,00 m²
    Objekt und Ausstattung
    Energieausweis: ZU DIESER IMMOBILIE LIEGT DERZEIT NOCH KEIN ENERGIEAUSWEIS VOR. IN VORBEREITUNG. Syros Island Syros is one of the Greek Cyclades Islands located in the Aegean Sea 114 kilometres south east of the mainland port of Piraeus. It?s the administrative capital of the archipelago and is home to half of the entire population of the Cyclades. Its cosmopolitan capital city, Ermopoulis, was the main port of Greece until the 20th century. The island offers some fine beaches, excellent walking trails and a bustling city offering chic boutiques, a lively nightlife and first class restaurants. You can fly to the island via Olympic Airways from Athens and there are daily ferry services to and from Piraeus (four hours). There are also daily ferries to and from the mainland port of Rafina (nearly six hours) and the islands of Paros, Naxos, Andros, Tinos and Crete. Less frequent ferries connect Syros with most of the other main Cycladic islands. A Flying Dolphin fast boat will get you to Piraeus in two and a half hours or to the nearby party island of Mykonos in just 30 minutes. If you?re coming here by boat you?ll arrive at the island?s impressive capital on the east coast. Ermopoulis is named after Hermes, the god of trade and commerce, and is awash with grandiose neoclassical mansions which stand as reminders of a more glorious era. Once an important Phoenician seaport, Syros went on to become the trading centre of the Cyclades under the Venetians in the 13th century. The town?s archaeological museum will give you a flavour of the island?s rich history which spans nearly 5,000 years. Excavations have revealed evidence of Cycladic settlements on Syros as far back as 2,800 BC. Details of the building sites on offer Unique opportunity to acquire exceptionally beautiful building sites on the West coast of the island; adjacent to a private beach and bordering on a nature reserve area. The whole plot is 320,000 qm in size and is divided into 5 building sites. These are (A) 47,500 sqm, (B) 79,500 sqm, (C) 47,500 sqm, (D) 41,200 sqm and (E) 79,500 sqm in size, respectively. One of the building sites has a beach front, but all owners will have access and right of use to the sandy beach. The plot has the benefit of its own natural water source, which can be used by all owners. In addition, the plots are connected to the local water and power supply systems. All building sites have been topographically mapped and the ownership situation has been legally determined. The coastline has also been mapped and has been approved by the local authorities. Access to the plots will be via a private road, which has also been fully approved. Building permissions have been granted for all plots. The plot profits from its close proximity to one of the best restaurants of the island within 20 walking distance/ 5 mins by car, where basic food supplies can also be obtained. Another attraction is that the plot contains a marble quarry from which building material can be sourced. The airport is within 45 mins driving distance and there are rapid ferry connections to Mykonos (~30 mins) and Athens (~ 3.5 hours). Offer The whole plot or, alternatively, two of the building sites (B and D) are on offer at a price of £ 10 per sqm. Weitere Informationen, Fotos, Grundriss und Lagepläne finden Sie mit der Anbieterobjektnummer PGR0117 auf www.blueHOMES.com. blueHOMES AG ...die schönsten Häuser Europas... Anfragen nur über das Kontaktformular. Bitte keine telefonischen Anfragen.

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