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    Luxury space granite walls 300 m2 in central Lisboa

    980.000,00 €
    Wohnfläche ca.:
    303,00 m²
    PAlle0074_mvc-001f.jpg Luxury space granite walls 300 m2 in central Lisboa
    • PAlle0074_mvc-001f.jpg Luxury space granite walls 300 m2 in central Lisboa

    Gewerbeobjekt kaufen in Lisboa

    Wohn- und Geschäftshaus
    (PAlle0074 / ID: 22284619)
    1700-036 Lisboa
    blueHOMES AG
    Ganghoferstr. 86c
    80337 München
    980.000,00 €
    zzgl. 3,57% für den Käufer (inkl. ges. MWST)
    Wohnfläche ca.
    303,00 m²
    Grundstücksfläche ca.
    303,00 m²
    Objekt und Ausstattung
    Energieausweis: ZU DIESER IMMOBILIE LIEGT DERZEIT NOCH KEIN ENERGIEAUSWEIS VOR. IN VORBEREITUNG. 1. Luxury space (granite walls) of about 300 m2 in central Lisbon. 2. The store is located in front of a subway entrance (25 meters away), a parking lot for 30 cars (10 meters away) and between a governmental services building (with hundreds of employees) and a McDonalds store. 3. The store?s features are: 3.1 The floor area is 303m2 (109m2 on the ground floor and 194m2 in the basement); 3.2 The basement has a ceiling height of 3 meters and that of the ground floor is about 4 meters; 3.3. The wide staircase in black granite in a slight spiral has a chair for the disabled; 3.4. Central air conditioning system (including ducts and machines built into the false ceilings); 3.5. Two air conditioning splits; 3.6. Two thermo-accumulators; 3.7. Fire detection system; 3.8. Electrical installations: 3.8.1 Normal general framework; 3.8.2 Stabilized current frame; 3.8.3 UPS; 3.8.4 Armor lighting; 3.8.5 Floor gutters for cabling; 3.8.6 Walways for passing cables over the false ceiling; 3.9. Butlers pantry; 3.10. Two toilets; 3.11 Three storage rooms; 3.12 Cabinets built into the walls; 3.13 Granite walls; 3.14 IT structure; 3.15 Security framework; 3.16 Interior staircase connecting the ground floor and the basement, wide and curved (very beautiful in black granite); 3.17 The store?s architect was António Nunes Almeida. 3.18 Smoke outlet: 3.18.1. The store does not have a smoke outlet; 3.18.2. The information we have from the technicians is that the use of the store for a restaurant requires: - (As has McDonalds next door and other restaurants) the installation at the back of the building of a duct to the ceiling for smoke outlet; - It also requires the approval of the general meeting. 3.18.3. The smoke outlet will have to be installed accordingly and find out if it is viable in terms of municipal authorizations and other aspects. 4. Possible options: rental or purchase of the property 5. Conditions for renting the property: 5.1. Monthly rent with the following scale: - Initial: 4000 euros + VAT - After six months: 4200 euros + VAT - After a year and a half: increase of 100 euros (+VAT) - After two and a half years: increase of 100 euros (+VAT) - After three and a half years: increase of 100 euros (+VAT) - After four and a half years: increase of 100 euros (+VAT) - After five years: conclusion of the contract. 5.2. There is no grace period; 5.3. Security deposit: one month?s rent; 5.4. Guarantee: 5.4.1. Deposit insurance or first demand bank guarantee (institution indicated and text approved by the owner) or five-month deposit of initial rent; 5.4.2. In the event that the tenant opts for deposit insurance or bank guarantee (instead of the deposit) the costs are borne by the landlord 5.5. Contract: three or five years maximum, renewable by mutual agreement. 6. Conditions to buy the property: 6.1. Sale price: 980.000 euros; 6.2. Payment terms and guarantees subject to acceptance by the current owner. Weitere Informationen, Fotos, Grundriss und Lagepläne finden Sie mit der Anbieterobjektnummer PAlle0074 auf www.blueHOMES.com. blueHOMES AG ...die schönsten Häuser Europas... Anfragen nur über das Kontaktformular. Bitte keine telefonischen Anfragen.

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